Pooch Pouch by Popwear - Purple

Carry your dogs'  treats on you at all times with the Purple Pooch Pouch™ by Popwear. 

  • Made out of memory silicone
  • Clip will allow you to attach to belts or clothing
  • Great for training
  • Dishwasher Safe

Why We Love It:

You no longer have to worry about carrying another bag while you are out and about. The Pooch Pouch™ by Popwear gives you the ability to carry treats on your and have your hands free. It is made of a memory silicone and it will not stretch or warp. There is a clip attached to the back that you can connect it to your belt, clothing or bag! Perfect for training or just a day on the go! 


4.625" x 2.875" x 3.5"

 Item Code: PRS# 65578